The second phase...

The story so far... Mr P read my story in one of the papers and decided to contact me.  He invited MiloandMe to visit him and we did.  That was a few weeks ago, we have now returned and are residing in The Big House in The Scottish Highlands.  Mr P thinks I am a very special lady.  Mr P is most charming and a good judge of character!

So now my life has taken a complete turn.  The beast is parked up. I now live with Mr P and two dogs in an extremely large house with rather a lot of land.  And every day so far has thrown me another challenge.  Big houses need a lot of looking after, land needs constant attention and remote homes seem to attract many visitors.

So my blog is now all about MiloandMe living in The Big House with Mr P.  I will endeavour to protect people's identities as always.
  'Disclaimer; names and places have been changed to protect people's identities' ! (Watch me slip up on that one!) happy reading...


  1. Nicola I think you are a very lucky girl what you have got to do is not listen to malicious gossip. Just enjoy each other's company and of course we must not forget Milo. Good luck to you both and I wish you every happiness for the future.
    Yours Michael Evans

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  3. Hi Milo (and Nicola),
    You certainly have got your paws full keeping an eye on Nicola and Mr P. I hope that it all works well for the three of you.

    Nicola, I'm sorry that you didn't get over to Orkney. That's one of my favourite places in Scotland. Did you consider using the Gills Bay ferry, as I've found it to be much cheaper than sailing from Scrabster, and just as spectacular an entry onto the islands. If you do go over that way, call off at Italian Chapel on Lamb Holm, just before the last barrier. I'm not religious but I always find it a place of peace and love.

    Take care, and I hope that things go well for the three of you.


    P.S. Previous version deleted 'cos I signed myself off as "Yon" ;)

    1. Hi Ron from Milo!
      Hopefully I still will get to Orkney, :)

  4. I think I've given up on finding a Mr Right, but I would love to be able to tour Ireland like you are. I bet it is just beautiful. Good Luck :)